Penis size is an important issue for many men and men of all ages are concerned about the length and thickness of their penises.


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There are many reasons why a man might seek penis augmentation. There may be medical reasons, such as the impairment of urinary function or fertility, or psychological ones, in which penis size triggers negative emotions such as anxiety or low self-esteem. If you are looking to increase the size of your penis, we advise that you book a consultation.

About the procedure

What is Penis Enlargement? Penis length surgery (penile elongation) The male penis consists of a visible part and a part hidden within the body. During a penis enlargement surgery, the penis suspensory ligaments are severed in an operative procedure. This allows to move a part of the “hidden” penis downwards and outside the body. So the visible section of the penis increases and is leading to a visual length gain. In addition to the cutting of the penis ligaments, further optical enlargement of the penis can also be achieved by a reduction of the fatty tissue in the pubic area. If the visible part of the penis is surrounded by a fat depot, liposuction can make the full length visible again in some cases a fat pad reduction surgery might be necessary (pubic lift). In the erect state, the length of the penis is largely determined by the erectile tissue, which means that the length of the erect penis can only be minimally influenced by surgery. Penis girth surgery (penile girth enhancement) Penile girth enlargement surgery aims to increase the girth of the penis by injecting fat cells or filler into the penis. The autologous fat or hyaluronic acid dermal filler is injected under the penile skin along the penis shaft to increase the circumference of the penis. In terms of girth gain, an increase of 30 – 40% can be expected. Reasons for getting Penis Enlargement: Many men are dissatisfied with the appearance of their penis. The reasons beyond the desire for a larger penis are manifold: - Micropenis: Very few men suffer from a micropenis condition (affects around 0.6% of all men). - Shame: Many men avoid public showers or saunas and feel insecure towards their sexual partner. - Confidence issues: Many men simply do not feel comfortable in their own skin. - Psychosexual effects: Unease and insecurity can have serious psychosexual implications, making it difficult for men to have intimate relationships and burden everyday life.

Before, during & after

Before surgery: Almost any penis can be enlarged, but there are some requirements for surgery: The patient must be of legal age and in good health. During the consultation, your wishes and the anatomy and dimensions of your penis will be discussed. A penis enlargement surgery, like any other surgical procedure, requires consideration and planning.
Operation: The procedure happens under general anaesthesia so that you are not awake while it takes place. The discomfort patients feel can vary from person to person and ranges from mild to moderate. This is tightly controlled through the use of prescription pain medications to minimize any discomfort. Surgery may involve the insertion of silicone implants, the transfer of fat cells, or the use of skin grafts to increase the size of the penis.
Recovery: During the first two weeks after the surgery, you may notice swelling but this is normal. There may also be some bruising and you may experience pain with erections. This can also be controlled by using medication to minimize pain and discomfort. The immediate results tend to be a larger flaccid penis in terms of both length and girth. Results also tend to include an increased erect girth and penis lengthening, but it may take 6-8 months (or longer) for the full erect length to be achieved as the body adjusts to the silicone implant. Sexual activity needs to be re-introduced after weeks of recovery.

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